Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Little Miss Independent

At 20 months, Brooklyn already thinks she can do it all. Once she gets something in her mind, there's no changing it! We went to Target yesterday and I decided to buy her some new shirts. I showed her what I had picked out and she took off her shirt right there and was determined to wear a new one. She even took out her bow! I tried to put her shirt back on and she threw a fit, much to the chagrin of all the mothers passing by. We then went to Michael's and while I was checking out at the register, she was determined to leave. I kept telling her to come back, but she went through the first set of double doors while I was in the middle of paying. She stopped to look at the Halloween decorations and just as I approached her she put her hand in an empty Halloween candy bowl. Suddenly a skeleton hand emerged from the bowl and she ran away screaming! I picked her up and brought her back to show her what it was. I put my hand in the bowl, thinking that seeing it the second time would be funny to her rather than scary. I was wrong! She cried and pulled away as fast as she could. It was hilarious! I decided that maybe next time she'll think twice before going off on her own again...Wishful thinking.

Monday, September 15, 2008

More Milestones

Caden loves preschool! It's nice for him to have something to do while big brother is in kindergarten. He's making some new friends and he loves his teacher. Every day he's excited to tell us about everything he's done.
There are 6 boys and just 1 girl in Caden's class!
He's growing up so fast! Last week Caden reached another milestone...he rode his bike without training wheels! Ever since Logan learned at the beginning of summer, Caden has been begging to take off his training wheels. I finally told him I'd work with him a few weeks ago. He sat on Logan's old bike and I steadied the bike as he rode. After 15 minutes he decided to go back to his bike with training wheels because it was too hard. I figured that was the end of that. Wrong! Over the next several days he would sit on Logan's bike and push himself along. One day without notice he just took off! I couldn't believe our 3-year old was riding to the end of the street so quickly, and that he had taught himself. Way to go Caden!