Monday, March 31, 2008

Keeping the Doctors in Business

While Brandon went to a convention in Orlando, I decided to take the kids to Utah to visit my family. The first night we were there Logan couldn't sleep because his ear hurt. I decided to take him to the doctor the next day, and I took Caden also because he had a rash that wasn't clearing up. I figured Logan had an ear infection, which he did. What surprised me was that Caden had strep! When we got back from the clinic Brooklyn broke out in a fever and was having a hard time breathing. So I took her to the doctor the next day and found out that she had bronchitis. On top of that, my neice was hospitalized for RSV! Of course this all happened while Brandon was enjoying himself in Florida! I was glad my family was there to help out. Everyone recovered well, but then 2 weeks later the boys were playing downstairs and Caden bumped his chin on the table and had to get stitches! Now that was traumatic. Hopefully we can stay away from the doctors for a while now, but you never know.