Saturday, April 19, 2008

I Wish I Had a Camera!

Yesterday we had our niece Jenna over as we do every Friday while her mom is working. It was Jenna's birthday so she brought her new Beauty and the Beast Tea set to play with. You should have seen how excited the boys were to play with it! We also had Logan's friend Lizzie over, and we all had a big tea party. It's not often that the girls outnumber the boys and that we get to do "girl things" at our house. They all had so much fun. Their friend Katie also came over later and they all designed clothes for a fashion show, then they modeled their dress-ups. Brandon had the camera unfortunately or I would have taken pictures. Lately I've been finding the boys in Brooklyn's room, playing with her doll house. They bring in the Star Wars and super hero toys to invade the house, so there is still an element of masculinity to their play, but one of these days I'll catch them off guard with a camera for future black-mail pictures!