Friday, March 20, 2009

Congratulations, Amber & Nate!

My youngest sister, Amber, got married last week in the Salt Lake temple. It was such a beautiful day, and she was a beautiful bride. We're excited to have her husband, Nate, in the family now. They are great for each other. The sealing ceremony took on a whole new meaning to us with the passing of our brother-in-law. It was so touching. I can't imagine not having the promise of being together forever.

The happy couple

The two princesses pose together.

Brooklyn thought this day was all about her and took every opportunity possible to pose for the cameras.

The boys were a little less patient as we waited for pictures to be taken. We did survive the luncheon without any spills or broken glasses, and the kids were good sports at the reception. They ran around and danced like crazy, but what else would you expect at a party with stairs and a dance floor? It brought back memories from our wedding...minus the kids. I wish our day had flown so smoothly. Brandon's chicken pox kind of put a damper on things, but we look back and laugh now. That guy can't do anything the "normal" way, and that's what I love about him.


crack'n up ourselves said...

YOur sister is gorgeous! So are you by the way!

Buffy said...

Fun pictures. I love your sisters wedding dress. Your kids are adorable. It looks like a beautiful day from the pictures, I'm glad you have a good time.

Slyck and Slim said...

Your sister is beautiful, and we still tell people about Brandon getting chicken pox right before your wedding! It really is such a good story! :)